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Albena Bulgaria

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Albena Bulgaria is one of the most beatiful resorts from Black Sea, very clean resort populated by people from all over the world and especially the romanian people.So if you decide to go in Bulgaria, the shortest route would head to a ferry crossing the Danube in the Calarasi . Recommended route and not very common. The shortest road to Albena and Golden Sands would go through Giurgiu – Ruse.



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Hotel Flamingo Albena Hotel Kaliakra Albena Hotel Ralitsa Albena
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 Hotel Sandy Beach Albena  Hotel Com Albena  Hotel Althea Albena

From Bucharest you have to drive about 250 km. Given the fee of the bridge, congestion and other charges when crossing the border Giurgiu -Ruse , we recommended choice for a trip on their own in Bulgaria would be the border Vama Veche . You will have to go somewhere around 340 km but the majority of the road you will be traveling in Romania following the Bulgarian Black Sea coast only on the destination.

Passing Vama Veche lasts less and requires minimal costs for a car: 30 USD green card – which is now part of RCAului made ​​in 2007 – 200 000 sanitation fee and just took the trip , road tax 7 days bulgaria : 4 euro ( make sure you pay the fee after you receive and vignette , Plateaus as Bulgarian customs officers may forget to stop offering vo ) Bulgarian sanitation fee : EUR 2 once.

According to some legends , Ovidiu came here on his way to Tomis , being exiled to Romania . The resort got its name from Albena , one of the great Bulgarian writer Yordan protagonist Yovkov being of unparalleled beauty .


Besides the nearby village Obrochishte with its well preserved fortress during the Ottoman , Kranevo the remains of a fortress ancient Roman times is also located near the resort Albena . Besides the fortress , Kranevo is known for its mineral springs .

Coast between Albena and Kranevo is high and very picturesque , very steep rock formations . Kranevo can be a great alternative when it comes to accommodation , the prices here are much smaller and having more private accommodations . Meanwhile proximity to Albena makes tourists could enjoy the sun on the beaches of Albena daytime .

Besides Kranevo there are three large campsites placed on the road between Kranevo and Albena, provides accommodation in tents and bungalows.
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